Flavors of the Month | PINT CLUB

Flavors of the Month | PINT CLUB

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Fall is here, and we're back with one of our most loved flavors, and a couple of new ones.

Sweater Weather - you know it, you love it, and we're so excited to bring it back. Spiced with our own special mixture of mulling spices for a flavor that gets you in the fall mood.

Pawpaw Sorbet is a creamy sorbet made with locally grown pawpaw fruit. Pawpaws grow wild in Ozark forests, and are sometimes called hillbilly mangos for their tropical vibes.

Chamomile Honey Ice Cream is the perfect ice cream for cozying into fall. We infuse real chamomile and honey, and add chunks of house-made honeycomb candy.

When you sign up for the Flavors of the Month Club, you'll get three different seasonal flavors each month! Some of these will be never-seen-before and some will be past seasonal flavors we're bringing back for just a limited time.

All of our pint club boxes include free delivery anywhere in Northwest Arkansas & Northeast Oklahoma.

real ice cream

Naturally crafted ice cream produced in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, by a passionate team of people who are committed to sourcing the best local ingredients to create ice cream that brings joy to all!