cookie no-dough ice cream

Tastes like frozen cookie dough! Browned butter bits, chocolate flakes from Markham & Fitz & brown sugar.

Azúcar morena, vainilla y mantequilla marrón con chocolate de Markham & Fitz.

strawberry lavender sorbet

Dairy-free, but definitely not lame! A simple combination of real strawberries infused with lavender.

Combinación exquisita de fresas frescas y delicioso toque de lavanda. Sin leche.

sweet brown vanilla ice cream

Real vanilla ice cream, party style! Crafted using whole, directly traded vanilla beans from Mexico with honey, browned butter, real bourbon and a hint of cinnamon.

Mezcla de vainilla, azúcar morena, bourbon y miel.

salted cookie crumble ice cream

Our take on cookies & cream, crafted with our own cocoa cookies and sweet cream ice cream.

Galletas y crema elaborado con galletas caseras de cacao combinadas con crema.

fudge 'n brownies ice cream

This rich chocolate ice cream with fudgy brownies makes people happy, according to science or something like that. The chocolate is handcrafted in Bentonville by Markham & Fitz using 70% dark Dominican Republic cocoa.

Brownies caseros en helado de chocolate elaborado con chocolate de Markham & Fitz.

honey lavender chip ice cream

Real lavender infused ice cream with local honey and dark chocolate flakes handcrafted in Bentonville by Markham & Fitz.

Helado mezclado en miel y lavanda con chocolate de Markham & Fitz.

cold brew coffee ice cream

Deliciously rich coffee from Pour Jons Coffee Roasters in Siloam Springs, brewed using a cold process with fresh grounds mixed in.

Café fresco recién molido con trozos de granos de café.

midnight mocha ice cream

Rich and creamy dark chocolate with a hint of Pour Jons Coffee Roasters espresso, made just for our favorite chocolate lovers!

Chocolate obscuro mezclado con café.

direct trade vanilla bean ice cream

Crafted using whole vanilla beans, this ice cream celebrates the unique, slightly smoky flavor of Mexican vanilla.

Hecho con verdaderas vainas de vainilla cultivadas en Mexico.

happy goat ice cream

Sweet and tangy, crafted with goat cheese from White River Creamery in Elkins, AR, and local honey for an almost cheesecake-like flavor.

Queso de cabra de la cremeria White River y miel regional.

strawberries & cream ice cream

Crafted with real strawberries and sweet cream ice cream.

Helado de fresa combinado con queso crema.

bourbon caramel swirl ice cream

Dark beer from Ivory Bill Brewing Co. (brewed to reduce gluten content!) swirled with our house-made smoked salt bourbon caramel sauce.

Cerveza obscura elaborada por Ivory Bill Brewing Co. y caramelato bourbon.

sweater weather ice cream

Only around in the fall, we craft this ice cream with our own blend of mulling spices - cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, orange peel, cardamom, ginger and more!

smoke 'n apples sorbet

Crafted with fresh, local apple cider, lapsang souchong tea and a generous helping of cinnamon. Kind of like sitting around a campfire on a crisp fall night. Dairy-free!

blackout lemonade sorbet

Real berries and fresh-squeezed lemon juice make this sorbet super refreshing and a little tart. We add a little activated charcoal to give it the rich black color. Dairy-free!

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